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Archbishop by Michele Guiness

Archbishop is Michele’s first novel. It is written as a fictional autobiography, and Michele uses her gifts as a journalist and a storytell to good effect, producing something of a thriller, weaving a web of intrigue with double dealing and will be hooked from the beginning.


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Life without limits by Nick Vujicic

Born without arms or legs, Nick Vujicic overcame his disabilities to live an independent, rich, fulfilling, and "ridiculously good" life while serving as a role model for anyone seeking true happiness. Now an internationally successful motivational speaker, Nick eagerly spreads his central message: the most important goal is to find your life&'s purpose and to never give up, despite whatever difficulties or seemingly impossible odds stand in your way.

Nick tells the story of his physical disabilities and the emotional battle he endured while learning to deal with them as a child, teen, and young adult. "For the longest, loneliest time, I wondered if there was anyone on earth like me, and whether there was any purpose to my life other than pain and humiliation." Nick shares how his faith in God has been his major source of strength, and he explains that once he found a sense of purpose&-inspiring others to better their lives and the world around them.


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Every Day with Jesus by George Duncan

How would Jesus handle a situation? What Biblical principles should you apply? This book provides scriptural references to hundreds of daily issues that will give you strength, understanding and help you stay on the path of righteousness.



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Captive in Iran by Maryam Perry, John Amirizadeh, Marziyeh Lotz and Anne Graham Rostampour

This is a remarkable true story of hope and triumph amid the horror of Teran's brutal Evin PrisonThe authors Maryam and Marzijeh, recount how God used their 259 days in Evin Prison to shine His light into one of the world's darkest places, giving hope to those who had lost everything, and sharing love to those in despair.




Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus by Nabeel Qureshi

This thoroughly intriguing  book is highly recommended. To quote from the cover
Qureshi shares how he developed a passion for Islam before discovering, much against his will, that Jesus rose from the dead and claimed to be God.”
His story takes us through his inner turmoil and gives eye-opening insight into the critical differenced between Eastern and Western thinking which makes it so difficult for each side to understand the other, and how he came out at the end totally convinced that Christianity was the true pathway to God.
The book not only explains how and why Muslims think as they do, but also outlines how they refute the challenges of Christianity to Islam - concepts that many church-going people would be hard to refute. Qureshi gives us the answers, so we can be better equipped to justify our faith in Jesus, not just to Muslims, but to all other faith-views.
This is a thoroughly good read in itself and is definitely a “not to be missed” book.



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